It was so good to see you again.  I want everyone to know almost three years ago I purchased a female from Mary and I can personally tell you what a god send that little puppy was.  Her name is Riley and she looks just like her beautiful mom Owlie.  My baby is so smart, calm and so willing to please.  Riley knows numerous tricks like putting her own toys away and getting me a Kleenex if I sneeze, (those are just a few).   All of her tricks were taught with little effort she’s just so easy to teach and loves to learn.  Riley is so loving and been such a blessing to our family. She definitely listens better than the kids.   Now let’s talk about Mary and her husband.  What a great couple, they came by because Riley had puppies and were so helpful and so excited to see Riley and her new additions.  Not only did they take time to stay and chat they were very informational and guided me on my first litter.  Now folks you tell me how many people who sell puppies do that.  The Caldwell’s not only provide wonderful Schnauzer’s they provide a lasting friendship.  Thank you guys and most of all thank you and Owlie for producing me one of The most precious things in my life. 



The McWhorter’s




"Princess Abigale" 


I recently purchased a white mini-schnauzer from Mary at "Snowy Pine Schnauzers".  I had attempted to find a top quality, well cared for puppy in the Oregon area with no success.  The two puppies that I went to visit were not the quality I was looking for. I wanted a beautiful "Show Quality" but mostly a well adjusted pet for my childern.  Both breeders were obviously running puppy mills and the dogs were not in the best of health.

 After checking the websites I contacted "Snowy Pine Schnauzers".  It was immediately obvious that the Caldwells were extremely top quality breeders.  Their concern for the quality of homes their puppies were going to and their deep feelings for each puppy convinced me that this was where I was going to purchase our puppy.

Usually when you buy a puppy you are then on your own with no signs of previous owner concerns.  The Caldwell's continued to contact me about my level of satisfaction, of any concerns and to let me know they were available for questions.  This offer wasn't for a limited time (like the first 4 weeks) it was a lifetime of the puppy offer.  I have had to contact them with questions and they have always been available. 

Our puppy, Princess Abigale, is a healthy, well adjusted, friendly and loving puppy.  It is everything that I was hoping to have.  She is extremely loving with the children, gentle and yet I find her to be protective if a stranger approaches.  Everything you would want in a puppy I have found with "Snowy Pine Schnauzers".

I have learned more about puppy care, mini-schnauzer care, breeding possibilities and obedience approaches from the Caldwell's than the two books I purchased.  I highly recommend purchasing from "Snowy Pine Schnauzers" and I make myself available for any questions from prospective buyers.

Gale Spencer

Troutdale, OR



* * *


Our family has owned Schnauzers since 1970.  One day, while online, I found the site for Snowy Pines Schnauzers in Wyoming.  After looking at the dogs, I fell in love with the white Schnauzers they offered.  But, being very informed on Puppy Mills, I was a little hesitant to deal with anyone I didn't know.  As luck would have it, my daughter was going to school in Wyoming.  So, after contacting Mary and Willie, I sent my daughter over to "scout" the place.  When she called back, she had only the best things to say about the dogs and their care.  In the next few weeks, she dropped by a few more times, each time mentally taking notes for me on how the dogs were cared for, how they reacted to their owners, how they looked physically, how they were treated, and so on.  I was especially interested to know if they were caged, how many females were there, and the sort of questions one must have answered to make sure it is not a Puppy Mill.  In between her visits, I spoke with Mary several times on the phone.  In the end, we bought Cooper, and Mary was kind enough to allow him to stay with them until he could be driven to Nevada during a school break.  She encouraged my daughter to come by and see him, walk him, and take him with her on short outings so they could bond before he came home for good.
I cannot begin to state how wonderful both Mary and Willie have been. Whenever we have had any questions, they were there to answer them.  When we got our pup, he was socially adjusted, housebroken, and very loving.  We have never taken him out that we haven't been stopped and told what a beautiful dog he is, and so well mannered.  Our Vet always remarks what great conformation Cooper has and how nice a dog he is.  He is a very smart dog, doing tricks...and a very good watch dog.  We cannot say enough about him.  We recently lost one of our 14 year old Schnauzers, and we are considering getting another Snowy Pines Schnauzer, we are that confident of the quality dog that is available.  Showing horses at a national level, we feel that breeding animals should not be done unless one can improve the breed.  We feel that is what Snowy Pines Schnauzers does. 
Thank you Willie and Mary!
Brad and Elaine Richardson
Las Vegas, Nevada

 * * *


When my dad lost his companion, a 14 year old schnauzer named Otto, it was painfully apparent to our family that something was sorely missing.  Both he and my mother insisted that they weren't replacing the dog.  While out walking one day, my father saw an all white schnauzer that was visiting the area with its owner and talked and talked about him for days.
I decided to "google" white schnauzers and looked at many different sites on the internet.  None felt quite right.  You always worry about the "puppy mill syndrome" and when looking online there is really no way to judge rightly, as convenient as technology can be.  However, once I came to the Snowy Pines site, I felt a totally different attitude and ambiance.  It was as if I was looking at family photos!  The care and expertise that were communicated were impressive and I went ahead and filled out their extensive application on behalf of my dad, explaining that the puppy would be a gift.
Mary responded in a most timely fashion, and was willing to work with us in getting a puppy suited for my parents age, temperaments, etc.  I went back online and "showed" her which one we would love to have from the litter pictures that were available.  She called and explained the personality of this puppy, asked more questions and agreed that we had found a match!  There was a serious threat of inclement weather on her end, and getting Baxter here was not an easy feat.  However, Mary found a flight, checked on each and every detail and put him on a plane.
As I mentioned previously, this was almost a year ago, and I cannot tell you how wonderful this dog has been for my parent's morale, every day life, and the companionship that he has afforded them.  He is a sweet, well-adjusted dog that loves everyone he meets.  He is especially fond of my all black cat, and to this day, even as a full grown dog, they still wrestle together!  Our vet has commented on how sensitive and loving he is, and everyone tells us what a beautiful dog he is...and it IS true! 
There is nothing but glowing praise for the quality of dog that Mary offers, the customer service she and her husband afford and the care with which they search for loving, appropriate homes for the animals that they breed.  WE are happy happy campers and feel it was a WIN/WIN situation for all involved.
Teri Helms

* * *




Here are pictures of Shadow, as you can see she is well taken care of.  When I talked to you last year and said she looked like she was going to be silver, I sure was wrong.  Her skin turned dard gray so she looks whiter.  She is a very smart dog and we are real pleased with her.  She hates the fenced yard but loves to go in the back yard, so we watch her and turn her loose, she always comes back when we call her.  She also stays when we tell her to.  She goes with us everywhere we can take her and loves to ride in the car.  She stays in the back seat when we are both in the car.  I think she would have been a good show dog as she has a real nice stand and points pretty. 

Margaret Holden

 * * *




Odie's birthday is tomorrow! Can't believe he is 1 year old already.  I just have to tell you what a joy he has been to our family.  He has even won over Ken's heart.  Odie can often be found curled up on his lap!  He has truly been a family dog.  He loves the kids and is a great playmate to them as well as my early morning companion and Ken's afternoon work buddy.  He has so much personality and is a real character but he has never been obnoxious or annoying.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit for our family.  Thanks so much for helping us choose the right one! In fact, we enjoy him so much we are hoping to get a playmate for him when you have another litter available.  Please let us know when.


Judy Hicks 

 * * *



 After losing a young dog, I was more afraid than ever to purchase a new pup.  It never occured to me that I'd get a new little love in Wyoming.  After talking (and crying) on the phone with Mary I knew that "Snowy Pine Schnauzers" was the right choice. Stella is a sweet, innocent, bright and calm....with the never ending funniness of a schnauzer.  While there's no room at the Inn with three schnauzers in my house, I'd get another one from Mary and Willie if I could.


* * *