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 We are located in Wyoming but may be able to deliver your new puppy.

We always prefer to deliver or have you pick up your new puppy however shipping is possible when personal attention is not available.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please fill out the following Pre- Purchase Application and email it back to us. You must be approved before we will accept any deposit from you to purchase one of our puppies.  Our goal is to ensure each puppy goes to a  loving home and each owner gets the perfect dog for him or her. You will then be given the opportunity to place a deposit on the desired puppy to hold him/her until time for them to go to a new home. We accept pay-pal.  Please remember that if you desire a show/breeding potential puppy you may have to wait longer until one becomes available.

We take pride in knowing all of the puppies have wonderful new families who adore their new "kids". We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about purchasing one of our wonderful little Miniature Schnauzers. Just call or email us.


Please contact us for delivery and/or shipping rates. 



Pre-Adoption Application & Agreement


This application must be completed by the person who will be responsible for the care of the desired puppy. We strive to find a suitable puppy for you and place each one in a permanent, responsible, loving home.



Your Name: ________________________________________________________


Your Address: _______________________________________________________


City___________________________State _______ Zip __________


Home Phone #:_______________________


Work Phone #: _______________________


Cell Phone #: __________________________


Email: __________________________


Website: ____________________________




Phone #:____________________________


Do you own or rent your home?_________________________________________


Does your landlord accept pets?_________________________________________


Please list reason(s) you would like to adopt/purchase this dog?  (For example-companion, show, breeding, family pet, watch dog, gift) ______________________________________________________________


Are you willing to take your dog to the veterinarian to get annual health checkups, teeth cleaned, vaccinations, etc.?



Veterinarian�s name: ___________________________________________________


Veterinarian�s Phone #: _________________________________________________


How many adults live in your household?__________________________________


List ages of all children living in your household or who frequent your house?



Will your dog live indoors or outdoors? ____________________________________ 


How many hours per day will your dog be alone? ____________________________


Do you agree to have a small indoor kennel available for your dog?



Do you have a fenced in yard or area for your dog to run and play?______________


Do you understand the dog is not to be chained or tied up and left outside?_______



Do you currently have other pets living within your household?

Please list breeds and ages:




How many of your pets are spayed or neutered?____________________________


Will you be paying with pay-pal?



While we believe all our dogs to be in good health, we guarantee the health of any puppy/dog pursuant to terms of the sales/health contract.

If you purchase/adopt a dog from us, we may make inquiries by phone or in person.

All information given on this application will be verified.

By submitting this application I contend that I am capable of handling and interacting with the dog I propose to adopt, and I am prepared to demonstrate this to the satisfaction of the A.S.P.C.A.  I further understand that completing this application is not a guarantee that I will be allowed to adopt a dog, and Mary Caldwell has the right and responsibility to deny any purchase/adoption.

I also agree that if circumstances warrant and I am unable to care for the dog that Snowy Pine Schnauzers will be notified and provided with any new owner information.  I also understand that in certain instances Snowy Pine Schnauzers may accept a dog for temporary or long term care or may assist in finding the proper home for the dog with out a refund of any funds paid.


By submitting this application I agree to all above terms.




Please list in order of importance the characteristics you desire in your perfect dog. Include age, sex, color, temperament, conformation, agility potential, training level, Championship title, pedigree, etc. Are you looking for a pet or show potential puppy?  



1.                                    2.                                   3.                            4.


Please list in order of importance the personality type you are looking for and/or the hobbies you would enjoy with your pet, i.e. traveling or hiking, outgoing or laid back.  Ability to keep up with kids, retired and relaxed, etc.....


1.                                    2.                                  3.                               4.



Please copy and attach this form and return to us by email. We will review your application and notify you shortly. If you are accepted, you may submit a deposit when a dog becomes available. Please contact us for acceptable versions of Kennel name to be included in dog name for show quality puppies.  Thank you for your interest in our dogs.


Remember: A dog is a precious gift of love and a lifetime commitment.


Snowy Pine Schnauzers